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See 2022 in pics at bottom

Here are some of our favorite photo's from the WWAST's visits to our area ... There are many more on our Facebook page, and 100's from each game on shutterfly:   Shutterfly

10 years of pics, best of in slideshow

new friends at firefly artist - northport

getting ready with friends

Always a great opening:

don't forget to bring the kids. Player and SCPD Matias brought his !


Game Time

opponets - all stars w/ lawmen, mike gadaleta, the ageless wonder: Jerry McSherry

GAME OVER - but we are not done... after meeting everyone on the field, the team and friends head over for THE BEST BBQ c/o Suffolk County Police Veterans

So Many Thanks, Continued Service

There was another game the next day

A world with limits does not have to be limited

These Vets continue to serve, and do with a smile. They want everyone to know " don't quit, push on and have a world with no limits".

We hope to see you when they come back to Long Island in July 2024. Stay tuned and like the facebook WWASTNY. Questions, comments, sponsorships, call joe at 631 840 7787

See you there

2024 WWAST June14-15 FB Cover Photo.png
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