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Support / Involvement / Participation

Keep the message of no quit, no limits alive and keep the games free.

Great for Businesses and Corporations to show there support

Become a partner of keeping the events free as the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team AKA USA Patriots visit Long Island for the 10th time. See and be seen. some suggested levels:

$ 500 - Banner sponsor. Have your
logo banner prominently displayed
on the fences at games and events.
mentions on social media. Action pic
of your banner in background. see
banner tab. this could be YOU

$ 3500 Event hosts. Have two banners
displayed at games and events.
Mentions on social media " as hosted 
by". Group pic with team in front of
your banner. Autographed event poster.

$ 5000 Presenter.All of the above
. Regular mentions on social media,
and flyers.Customized for you,
as the presenter of
"America's Team" : no quit, no limits.

Special shoutout to our friends and recent presenter
BULOVAS RESTORATION INC. keeping the games free


All monies go directly to the team, a 503c not for profit. There are no administrative fees. We are all volunteers. After team travel, etc all goes to help fund the remarkable kids camp. As seen below on HBO

Special Raffle: all proceeds go to WWAST to help fund kids camp. Once in lifetime prize. Only 500 to be sold.  Thank you Ron Darling !

if you would like to donate, though not required

Here is the link.


Please make sure you use the drop down for for “ Long Island”  under designation.


Hope you can join us. Thank you for help keeping the games here free

or grab a raffle tix above

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